Sunday, May 25, 2008

Welcome to Bermuda Triangle Central!

This blog is still under construction. OK, that's the nature of a blog. I mean, I just didn't get around to writing any articles for it yet.

Anyway, I noticed that there are few good resources on the Bermuda Triangle mystery to be found on the web. What there is is mostly written by true believers.

Bermuda Triangle Central will feature articles on the classic cases and on new developments. I hope that in the end it will be a comprehensive presentation of all important facts and claims with appropriate citations, so that anybody interested in the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon has a place to consult to find out which cases are truly mysterious and in which books comprehensive information on them can be found.


Anonymous said...

My granddaughter Adi had a good idea and wanted me to share it with others. She has taken an interest in the Bermuda Triangle after watching something about it on TV. She is almost 8 years old. Here is her idea:

Take an old smaller ship and outfitted it with a remote control and video cameras with satellite uplinks and downlinks. She said that this would allow the ship to operate without people onboard so that they dont get hurt. She said that people on land could operate the ship and view the scene from the video cameras mounted on the ship. She said that if you do this for a awhile that you would sooner or later see what is sinking the ships.

Alex said...

That's basically a good idea, though it may not necessarily work out. The problem (actually the good thing, but in this case the problem) is that the large majority of vessels, thousands of ships, boats, and aircraft, passes through the Triangle every day without anything happening to them. Thus, that ship might sit there for a very long time without the instruments ever recording anything interesting. But then, one day, they might. Having such a weather ship, or hopefully a whole flotilla of them, would be a good way to record unknown phenomena, if the money for its long-term operation could be found.