Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sky Plover

Sky Plover, 1908.

The Sky Plover vanished without a trace in the Bermuda Triangle in 1908.

In 1906, off Miami, she had fallen in with four or more barnacle-encrusted, floating coffins. The crew did not try to recover them.

Encountering the coffins was considered a bad omen. It was also mysterious why the coffins had not drifted apart, if they had been in the water long enough to be overgrown with several years' worth of marine growth. (Winer, Devil's Triangle 2, pp. 46.)


Thanos6 said...

This is kind of a weird post. Are you planning to come back to this one or something? It feels half-finished.

Alex said...

I may find more on this one once I have posted all the easily available information on all the cases. As there is only a year given and no exact date, finding information on this one is not one of the low-hanging fruit. I can't just go through the "Times" or through weather records and see if she sailed into a storm like many of the other ships. I may have to go to the Guildhall Library to search Lloyd's files.