Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bayard Hopkins

Bayard Hopkins, January 4, 1919. 

The schooner Bayard Hopkins was lost (vanished?) east of Norfolk, Virginia, with a company of six. (Berlitz, Without a Trace, p. 23.) 

Researching the case of the Benjamin F. Poole, I came across this article on ships lost and in peril in a snowstorm. 

NORFOLK, VA, Feb. 14. — A message from the Diamond Shoals Lightship sent the cutter Seminole racing to the aid of the schooner Bayard Hopkins, in a sinking condition, twenty-five miles southwest of the lightship. ("Tramp Steamers Safe," The New York Times, February 15, 1914.)

And more: 

NEWPORT, RI, Feb. 15. — The revenue cutter Seminole picked up the distressed schooner Bayard Hopkins off Diamond Shoals to-day, according to a radio message received here. The message said: 
"Seminole found distressed schooner Bayard Hopkins at 3:30 this afternoon, three miles west of Diamond Shoals. Vessel is in bad shape from recent storm. One man on schooner injured. Seminole towing Hopkins to Beaufort, SC." ("Cutter Rescues Schooner," The New York Times, February 16, 1914.)

That leaves us with three options. 

Option A: The Bayard Hopkins got towed out of her sinking condition in 1914 only to vanish in the Bermuda Triangle in 1919. 

Option B: There were two schooners called Bayard Hopkins in distress off Norfolk in five years. 

Option C: Berlitz got the date and all the other details totally wrong, as usual. 

Until I find an original source for A or B, I'll assume it's C. 

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